About this Blog

This blog was created for sharing ideas. Ideas, how to move and behave in an increasingly crowded urban space.

Thomas: Having used public transport systems for over two years now, I was shocked about rudeness and “I don’t care about others” attitude. And this happened in a pretty wealthy and safe German city. During the day and mainly at rush hours, people fight for seating, block seats, eat and drink without caring about smell, spill or noise. And of course, they don’t take off backpacks, even though this usually doubles the space people need when standing around. No style anymore….Why such a behavior? Where is the style of moving along? Or was it never there? Is it a lack of time or a fight in spaces that are overcrowded? This Blog, jointly edited by Anna-Maria and Thomas, should offer ideas and solutions to give back some of that style. Crowded or not, we should not forget a good behavior and personal style, even in increasingly challenging urban spaces.As said above – this Blog is for sharing ideas. If you would like to contribute, please send us a note with your blog text or idea to

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